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How to Increase your E-Retail Site Speed

With advancement of technology, e-retailing has become the next big thing where suppliers to sell their products to online customers. Ensuring that your page loads quickly is essential since potential customers are likely to go to your competitors if that experience delays accessing your site. Here are a few things that are beneficial to increasing your website performance, improve your page speed and improve your SEO rankings.

Using pictures and videos will give your site a fresh look, but they will increase the time that your site takes to respond. Reducing the size of the image and videos will enable your site to load faster and response abruptly. On the other hand, if you choose to keep high-quality pictures and videos, it is advisable that you invest in a system that will handle short responses notwithstanding the bulkiness including use of zip files.

Another important tip is to use efficient coding in order to reduce the number of HTTP requests that your site makes. This will also reduce redirects for mobile users since mobile devices have minimal processing to open complex pages compared to desktop computers. It is therefore crucial that your site loads faster in mobile devices to improve customer satisfaction and increase your sales drastically. Page load time is very vital to ensure that your business performance well and rise in search engines rankings.

Another crucial aspect is to do a performance test on your site to ensure its availability and reduce downtime. Test on peak loads make it possible to foresee what will happen at various times of the season and what strategies to employ towards increasing your e-retail performance. Beside, you can decide to choose an organization that offers monitoring services to monitor your website and ensure its availability.

Additionally, be consistent with content on each page of the website so that the visitor doesn’t get confused while browsing through the pages. Also, make sure that your site is well organized by ensuring that you create menu and footers that will consistently appear in all the pages. Additionally, it is essential to optimize how your E-Retail site appears based on the number of components used, images, style sheets and scripts. Good organizations will capture the customer’s attention and keep them on your website.

Also, each link provided to point to a valid page and not non-existent pages so as not to lose out on potential customers. On this case, you need a custom 404 page that still has your header and footer so that the visitor can continue to look through your site.