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Advantages of Enrolling In Self-Defense Classes

Parents should enroll their teenage children in defense classes since it is never too soon to let them learn self-defense skills. Teenage parents have a notion that their teenage children should not be anxious about facing assailants. The idea has not been supported by most uninviting indicators which argue differently. Most rated violent crimes are those experienced by persons from the age of 12 and 24. The United States has recorded a significant number of women experiencing crime violence. During college years, about 23{2c44a22ddf10fc884f1009563e1c6ac42dbf272d9b4dcd2ef3fd555868150c79} of women have experienced various forms of unwanted sexual harassment after a survey was conducted. The above information and statistics are not meant to raise the spirits of parents to lock their kids up till they are 30. The figures are supposed to inspire parents to take the initiative of preparing their teenagers with the right kind of tools for self-protection when it comes to situations of violence. Self-defense training is the best tool to teach kids how to self-defend themselves. Discussed below are compelling reasons why parents should enroll their teenagers in self-defense classes.

Intuitions are not authorized to be questioned. Most children are brought up in ways where they respect, and courtesy is expected when mingling with adults. Children are expected to exhibit that kind of respect. In cases where teens are exposed to dangerous situations, they are not expected to uphold respect. They are however supposed to respect their instincts and get going. Teenagers are expected to use their skills acquired from self-defense classes when someone happens to threaten them. The self-defense classes major on security of the teenagers rather than exhibiting politeness which happens to be least of their concern.

Teenagers should learn prevention. Self-defense classes are not comprised with throwing punches and kicking as most people think. Prevention from a violent situation is the main feature of self-defense. It is the way used most to prevent an attacker. The most fundamental constituents of prevention are: The awareness of someone’s environments, avoidance of risky places during nightfall, conveyance of confidence in body language.

Fighting is not the primary reason why teenagers learn self-defense. Teenagers are made aware that fighting is the always the last option. Self-defense is an important lesson to learn since many teenagers cannot fight enemies bigger than them. The classes show teens that the main aim of learning self-defense is to scare the attackers away by shocking them or hurting them. Teenagers are taught how to learn the attacker’s weak points. Here they are also taught how to use hands and other defense tools.

Defense classes also help teenagers who have battled with confidence hence toughening their mentality. Teenagers are taught how to face all the unforeseen situations and to break through rough conditions.