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Tips When Buying Flea Medicines

Sometimes, it is overwhelming for pet owners to make a decision on which brand and kind of flea medication to use for their beloved pet. For this reason and to make the process a lot easier, here are several important things that must be taken into account when buying flea treatment for your pet.

Number 1. Usage – products available for flea control can be found in different forms similar to oral medications, collars, dips, wipes and the likes. Some of these products are repelling fleas as well as ticks while some are attacking immature forms of these creatures so they’ll never have the chance to reproduce and develop. Again, others kill adult ticks and fleas while other products do all the three. In this case, you have to carefully read the label to find the best product for your pet’s situation. Also, make sure to consult your vet to ensure that you’re making the right choice.

Number 2. Flea specifies effectiveness – it could be a little bit overwhelming to think of but there are hundreds to even thousands of flea species worldwide. You have to sit this one out with your vet to know what kind of flea and tick that infested your pet and confirm that the medication you are considering is perfect for those species. Flea medications that are labeled to be broad spectrum means that it works well for almost all types of fleas and ticks.

Number 3. You and your pet’s preferences – another thing to be considered is the preferences and lifestyle of you and your pet. Perhaps, your pet is not fond of spot-on flea medication and will not stay still throughout the application which forces you to try a different method.

But what if you have a lifestyle that is so hectic and busy and in need of something that can last long and isn’t visible to your pet? In regards to this, try something like oral flea medications that normally last more or less than 3 months. The truth is that, so long as the flea medication you are using for your pet is working fine for its situation, you have made the right decision.

Number 4. Intended for cats or dogs – there are cases to which your dog or cat is not able to take the same flea medicine due to the reason that some medicines are specifically made for dog or cat. Make sure that your veterinarian has given his signal before you decide to buy a flea medication to ensure that it won’t cause any side effects to your pet.

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