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The Hottest Gadgets of 2017 That Are Priced Cheap

Are you currently looking for cool gadgets that you can enjoy yourself while also give some to your friends and family?

After the recent success yet again of the 2017 Consumer Electronic Show or CES in Las Vegas, there is now a new set of gizmos that you can choose from the small to the big brands.

Are the new gadgets that they are launching moving towards the expectations of every Star Wars and gadget geeks?

Despite the fact that the new gadgets being sold in the latest CES are none you have ever seen, most of them come with expensive price tags.

So, why should you consider getting them when you are tight on budget? Well, here is the good news.

After going through the gadgets CES 2017 has to offer and setting aside the weird and expensive ones, the following are some of the best gadgets that will not cost your entire savings with price tags being around $200.

1) With $150, you can get the Fisher Price Smart Cycle

If you are looking for something for toddlers that incorporates some level of virtual reality, then make sue to get them this whole new video game. So what is the hype with this gadget then? This gadget is a kid-sized bicycle that can be easily connect to your television or tablet. Your child will then be peddling into virtual world looking as if they are in an arcade setting. Some may even consider it augmented reality yet it is not that scary. One of the best things about this gadget for kids is that it lets them want to exercise. Besides that, playing this gadget will also be honing their math and language skills as they go through treks. There is no denying that this is one of the best gadgets of 2017 that you can get for your kid.

2) Have $100? Get the PKParis K’asq Sport

Getting the PKParis K’asq Sport will provide an alternative to the models of wireless headphones that have been released by the iPhone 7, and they are packed with only the best features. It comes with a battery life of 5 hours along with an additional portable charger that can let you enjoy 18 hours in total. The PKParis brand is a good find most especially that it performs in the same ways as the other wireless headphones for sale but at a third of a price. Still not convinced that it will be worth it to spend a hundred dollars for a headphone? Leave your worries behind. If you are looking for cheaper headphones, you can always check out reliable websites such as GizzmoHeaven that provides a list of high-quality headphones at cheaper prices.

Those are just two of the many gadgets offered in the latest CES 2017; just make sure that you choose one that will serve your purpose as well as those that you are giving it.

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