The Benefits of Art


When it comes to the arts, there is a lot on the table. The arts have long been a part of human history, even before history began in earnest. Cave paintings actually predate written records. Art is a great way for humanity to express themselves, and as they say, art is a great way to use lies to tell the truth. In other words, art is an alternative to traditional history. Art has a number of other benefits, however, and none of them are more important, to my mind, than how they impact the brain. Here’s what you need to know.

If you have an elderly or infirm relative living with you with the support of a representative, you may have great need of art without even realizing it. This is because of the many mental and emotional benefits of art therapy. The act of creating art has a variety of positive effects on the brain, so it can fight a number of mental and neurological disorders. For examples, engaging in a thought provoking activity like any creatively focused activity can delay the onset of Alzheimer’s Disease, or even slow it’s worsening once it has emerged. Likewise, a lack of mental stimulation can lead to depression and anxiety, or even cause them, so a creative activity can alleviate or prevent these mental illnesses. Art therapy is also a powerful tool for processing trauma to get over traumatic events.

However, there is more to the benefits of art in the brain than simply treating maladies. Artistic pursuits can simply improve one’s intellectual standing, as well. Developing artistic skill can lead to a keener understanding of the arts as a whole, and that can snowball into a better grasp on other subjects that intertwine with art, such as history.