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Four Ways to Avoid Plagiarism

Once in a while, there is a time when you feel less creative, and you cannot come up with original ideas to write. These are the times when you think about copying one’s work and presenting as your own. This leads to plagiarism of your article. If you do not know, plagiarism is a serious offense, and it is punishable in various ways which might include suspension from school, law suit or rejection of the work. You must be keen to avoid it as much as possible because its consequences are detrimental. However, it can be easily avoided and presently, you can find several guidelines and tools on the internet to help you write a plagiarism free article. These are some of the ways how you can avoid this problem.

Plan your writing – Planning helps you to do your work in time so that you avoid the last minute rush which gives an allowance for various mistakes including plagiarized sentences. With a plan, you can find enough content about your subject and revise before submitting it. A strategy helps you to do everything that is required within the time available including revision and editing as appropriate to get the best quality article. People see facts from different perspectives, and thus, a friend would help you greatly in this process.

Copyscape – Several tools are available on the internet to detect plagiarism in articles, and Copyscape is one of them. This tool is essential for any person that has any business to do on the internet. It is simple to use, and all you need to do is to copy and paste your article into it, and it will show you all the sections are similar to other articles already online. It checks if there are other articles with the same wordings on the internet. You will be able to edit the sections that are adversely affected so that you have content without plagiarism.

Cite and reference borrowed ideas – Sharing information is the essence of knowledge and should you borrow information from other sources then you must be ready to quote the author or do reference accordingly. This does not exclude a scenario when you are getting ideas from your previous articles. You can avoid power of attorney cost by making the right citations and quotes. You can use different citation styles such as Chicago, MLA or APA formats.

Use facts – Under no circumstances will facts change no matter when they are used in different articles. Including a fact in your article requires no citation except when you use exact words from another article. Observations, original ideas, and personal opinions need no citation as long as they are not borrowed. If you do an experiment and come up with results, then you do not have to cite that.