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First-Hand Works of Art

Getting a piece of original art can be a great accessory to your home or office. Having an original art makes you be in possession of a unique and beautiful item that stands out from others. Some artist have maintained their originality in developing their art. Authentic paintings that are available in art studios includes.

Painting of animals. The artist may specialize in drawing and painting of different domestic and wild animals in detail. Animal paintings are great occasions such as birthday or wedding gifts for people who love animals. The artist does draw not only the animal but also paints the environment of the animal.

Paintings of flowers. Flowers are many types and shapes from all over the world. Depending on the artist’s preferences the flower painting on their studio may be a drawing of an actual flower or a work of imagination. Flower paintings are great substitutions to real flowers that take a lot of effort to take care of, and plastic flowers lacks creativity thus people will get rid of them after a short period.

Abstract Art. This one of the most complex paintings for any artist. Due to its lack of visible shapes or symbols people will say there are just empty meaningless paintings. Abstract art is usually left for the people who see it make their understanding of the different colors used by the artist. Abstract paintings are usually found in painting museums but are also appropriate for office hallway.

Another common type of painting are portraits of human beings. Examples of human portraits are. One group of human portraits are a person portraits with many focus on the face only or the whole body. People sitting still for an artist to them a portrait is a great experience to many people. Artists also make portraits of imaginative people either women or men. The artists tries to display the person’s emotions through the portrait.

Businesses and institutions such as schools, hospital and restaurants can also have an artist making a painting that is appropriate for their environment layout. Such as a custom made school painting with purpose of communicating the outside school hardships to motivate students about the importance of education. Also health centers have painting matching with their primary colors.

A group of artists aim to positively change the society through painting conceptual art. For instance conceptual art about the struggles in the Africa continent. Some artist also use art to challenge greedy government. The best part of this art is the ease of communicating a difficult society affecting topic.

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