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Behavioral Issues That Are Displayed By Parrots And Their Solutions

There are behaviors that some pet birds tend to show which should not be encouraged.There are behaviors that parrots demonstrate which should be avoided. One of the behaviors that the parrot will show openly is biting. This is caused by the actions of the parrot owner towards the bird. Parrots that are approached with apprehension sense it and are likely to respond using a bite. If you use your hands to chase the bird away it tends to see your hands as being used for with bad intentions only. Parrots use their beaks to shield them. It is significant to move towards your parrot while composed to eradicate such behavior. Use your hand in a friendly way and shun using your hands to punish the parrot. Every time your parrot acts confidently you should gift it and whenever it bites you should remain composed to prevent the strengthening of such behavior.

Some parrots tend to remove their feathers. Giving your pet a poor diet will cause the frayed feathers to be weak. Your parrot needs to be fed with a diet that has essential nutrients. A pet that does not get enough sunlight may cause it to self-mutilate The the cage that holds the bird should be placed in direct sun rays. The removal of feathers is also stimulated by boredom or stress. The cage, where the parrot stays, should be big to enable it to move around. Your parrot needs to be entertained with toys to avoid getting into boredom. Feather removal is a symptom of depression and loneliness hence the need to interact with your bird and engage with it to prevent this behavior.Getting rid of the feathers shows a situation of depression and emptiness hence the need to spend time with your parrot and interact with it.

Another big problem is screaming by the parrots. The best way to counter this problem is to shun from engaging your parrot when it is screaming. You should show your parrot attention and shower it with praise when it does not scream. The main cause of screaming is idleness and stress. You need to deal with any problem that may cause stress to your bird by getting your parrot involved in toys and human interaction. You bird needs to know how to speak so that it can express itself through talking when faced with stress.

When your bird lacks psychological inspiration, it may turn to destruction in the cage or biting furniture. You need to spend time with your parrot and participate in activities with it. Applaud your parrot and communicate with it whenever it avoids getting involved in damaging behavior. Your parrot may mark their area and bite anyone who tries to cross it. This shows that your bird does not like its environment. This can be rectified by bathing the parrot regularly, and bonding with the parrot by sharing a bird-safe food. You need to create a quiet, peaceful environment and live alongside your parrot without the need of them marking their area.