A Financial Company Servicing Other Companies So They Can Be Successful

There are many different positions in the business world that people seek. Finance is one of the most popular areas that many people get into because other companies and businesses need that type of assistance when it comes to running their company in a successful manner. One of the most successful and well known name in the finance arena is Kirk Chewning. Below, is a closer look at his accomplishments, as well as his current position and his day to day like living on the island of St. Croix.

A Look At His Education And Different Companies He Has Worked For

Kirk obtained his bachelor’s degree in finance from Michigan State University. From there, he went on to hold positions at different companies. Some of those companies included a global bank and a web application development firm. At both places, he held the position of Vice President and consulted from time to time, as well as assisting with risk management portfolios.

His Current Position, As Well As Life On St. Croix

Kirk, now is in business with David Johnson and own Cane Bay Partners. Established on the island of St. Croix, the company specializes in finance modeling, technology architecture, deployment, commercial lending and software development. Kirk’s day to day responsibilities include performing duties of CEO and the controller, as well as helping out with risk management portfolios from time to time. Aside from work, Kirk and his business partner set up an educational program to benefit the children living on the island. He enjoys bowling and belongs in a Tropical Ten Pin bowling league. He is also actively involved in teaching life skills and corporate skills at different schools in North America.

The business world is full of different areas that need specialization in for companies to become successful in the products or services they provide. For example, the finance services field is very crucial for a companie’s survival because it allows the owners to concentrate on what they are selling to the customers. That same company can then hire Chewning’s company to assist with the day to day financial aspects and decisions that need to be made.