Advantages and disadvantages of metal roof tiles

Metal or metal is a material that is popularly used for residential, commercial and industrial buildings. It sounds strange to those who don’t really know, but metal can also be used as materials in building a house, you know! Many argue that metal roofs, which are one of the types of house roofs, only require a little or almost no maintenance when compared to other roofs. Want to know about metal tile? Let’s see about metal tile, the advantages and disadvantages of this metal tile!

Get to know metal tile

During the construction of the roof of the house, it is necessary to understand what functions and requirements in the roof itself. You certainly tend to choose the best ingredients at the right price, right? This is to ensure the house remains safe in any situation or condition because one of the main functions of the roof is to protect the occupants of a building. And all that you can get in a metal roofing company in the Florida Keys.

This type of metal roof or metal tile is now one of the choices discussed by many people.

Advantages and disadvantages of metal roof tiles

1. Simple Roof Frame

The weight of metal tile is so light that it does not require a complicated roof frame structure. Usually, metal tile is installed using a buffer made of mild steel. You can read how to install mild steel on the roof of the house as a guide.

2. Easy and Fast Installation

Metal roof tiles are intentionally designed so that they are easily installed in a relatively short time. All you have to do is spread it regularly on the roof truss, then stick a few screws. The tile was installed firmly. Sounds easy and simple, but don’t worry about the power! Metal tile is known to have good ability to withstand earthquake shocks and wind exposure.

3. Environmentally friendly

Metal roof tiles also include tiles that are environmentally friendly. Because, this tile is made from recycled materials that reach around 60 percent. In making it also uses energy that is very efficient. Damaged roof tiles can also be reused as basic materials for making new tiles.

Besides its advantages, metal tile certainly has disadvantages. Here are the shortcomings of metal tile, namely:

1. The room gets hot

Unfortunately, using metal tile is not a way to deal with heat in the house. The problem most often found in homes with metal tile roofs is the atmosphere in the house that feels warm, hot and stuffy. This is because metal is a good conducor so that the heat reflected from the hot sun will be transmitted back into the room.

2. Color Exfoliation

Same with several other tiles, the weakness of metal tile lies in the color that can peel. You have to make sure that you don’t put a scratch on it.